FASHION ASSASSIN happily focuses on small batch mini collections. We don’t mass–produce anything. We make quality, not quantity. And the designer behind FA? Meet Vanessa.

As a child, Vanessa wore outfits her mother had made her from scratch. Outfits created with intention and love. Vanessa realized from a young age that clothing, when created correctly, was special and personal. Her love for fashion grew, as did her desire for wanting other women to experience the special feeling of thoughtful clothing. So, she studied fashion (and business) in college. Fast forward some years, and FA was born.

The name FA? It’s due to Vanessa’s love of assassin characters and movies, combined with her disapproval of fast fashion. Women should feel stylish, but not have to settle for the cheap trends the industry offers them every few weeks. FA wants to do its part in eliminating fast fashion, one small batch mini collection at a time.

Vanessa’s aesthetic blends simplicity with a touch of bold, masculine foundations with feminine touches. It’s everyday–clothing, created with practicality and sprinkled with doses of mischievousness. Vanessa’s designs are made for the minimalist with a mission. And, we exist to inspire you to REVEAL YOUR MISSION!