FASHION ASSASSIN is about inspiring YOU to live your damn purpose.  


For years I felt I was just existing, and not truly living. I felt so un–inspired with life – like a cat lady who watches soap operas all day, except I was meow–less.

I always wanted to have my own clothing line. That was my mission – my calling.

My mother made a lot of my outfits as a child – cute looks made with love that became part of me.

Clothing was special, it meant individuality and self–worth.

This is how I learned to value well–made, classic clothing.

Aside from being a designer, I'm also obviously a consumer.

I'm dedicated to making small batch mini collections with care and love – like my mom did with my own little outfits.

I don't care to mass–produce anything. I'd rather have a small wardrobe with well–made meaningful pieces, than a huge wardrobe with crappy and unnecessary items.

Being a minimalist, I want to inspire women to own less and love more.

And the name, FASHION ASSASSIN? I LOVE female assassins – the women who unapologetically go after what they want. You SHOULD go after what you want! Why the hell not?

The name also comes from my annoyance with fast fashion, the poor quality they make and waste they create. I want to help kill fast fashion – one mini collection at a time.




Designer. Minimalist.