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You don’t know how strong you are.

Until being strong is your only option!


In a perfect world, you’d never suffer. You’d never go through anything earth–shattering. And, you'd never grow, either.

If you’ve ever cried your eyes out because you’ve felt unbearable pain. Pain so strong that you almost felt crippled – unable to carry your own body, then you will understand Peppermint.

Riley, played by Jennifer Garner (such a badass!), emotionally shows us just how strong we are on the other side of pain.

You’re stronger than you think.

They say that we don’t know just how strong we are, until being strong is the only option we have. I completely agree.

When her world comes crumbling down, Riley is forced to make some tough choices – choices which only reveal how much tougher she is.

When we unfortunately experience something awful – something that turns our world upside down, our first reaction is to want to hide. Like a scared child hides under her blanket – only coming out when it’s safe again.

From pain to power.

It isn't until we go through that thing, whether it’s losing a loved one, going through a breakup, or being fired from a job, that our core is shaken up with an earthquake–like intensity.

Head down. Heart heavy. Soul empty. The sky turns dark. Pitch black.

You can stay knocked down, or you can rise.

It’s not going to be easy. Riley struggles at first – blinded by her pain. But, she then rises.

Unwilling to be defeated, she sets out on her mission. Discovering new strength. Unleashing a power she never knew lived in her.

A new you awakens.

Just as Riley discovers a side to her she never knew existed, so do we when we refuse to stay down.

We become stronger. We never knew we could. But, somehow we make it. We exceed our own expectations.

There’s hope.

Although going through pain is in inevitable, suffering doesn’t have to be an option. You have complete control over it – at any moment.

From pain to power.

Pain is part of life. And, just as much as it impacts you, it also helps mold you.

Don’t question your strength, it’ll be there when you need it most. Don’t stay down, turn pain into power.

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