FASHION ASSASSIN™ | Clothing | black-blazer-look

My Personal Style

I love well–made, classic clothing. My style is simple and chic. I prefer solid colors over prints, and typically stick to my colors: black, white, and my favorite: red.

FASHION ASSASSIN™ | White Blazer Style

Weekday Look

During the week, I mostly wear jeans, shirt, and a blazer. This type of uniform keeps me feeling polished, yet comfortable at the same time.

Meeting Time

An all-black blazer and jeans look can easily be paired with a white t-shirt for a touch of professional chic. Who says the weekdays have to be stuffy? Not here!

Badass Black on Black

I really love the FASHION ASSASSIN badass black on black t-shirt under a blazer for a meeting–with–a-client look, or under a street jacket for a weekend with friends. It’s black…so easy to wear and pair!

FASHION ASSASSIN™ | Clothing | Weekend Look | Leather Moto Jacket Style

Weekend Look

My weekend look is for the most part made up of jeans, shirt or blouse, and a leather moto jacket. The moto jacket gives an outfit the feeling of beautiful and badass.

Fun Time

Easily go from weekday client meetings to out and about off–time. Simply switch your blazer for a street jacket and heels for boots. Boom!

Elektra Red on White

I adore the FASHION ASSASSIN Elektra red on white t-shirt for any time of day. It works for an effortless weekday or chic weekend look. The bold of red over the simplicity of white gives off a touch of confident and sexy!


Black Hoodie

A black hoodie, to me, is as classic as red lipstick. I find I wear them most on my off–days, the weekends, or when completing missions around town ;)

FASHION ASSASSIN - white-tee-shirt.jpeg

White Tee Shirt

A white tee shirt is a classic, must–have. Its simplicity makes it so appealing. Pair it with black jeans and you’ve nailed effortless. I love wearing mine with a bold red lipstick.