Woman up!

Stand your ground.

I've never quite been the type to keep my mouth shut.  

Keeping quiet when my inner being was on fire never felt right to me.  I remember once having to tell one of my former bosses that my nail polish color was none of his business.  (Yup, true story).  Sad that I even had to have this discussion with him, but there was no way in hell I'd let him think comments on my appearance were ok.


Being a rebel, an anti–hero has always been something I've embraced about myself.  

It's part of what makes me who I am, and I love that.  And, I think there are several benefits that come with being in touch with your “vibrant spirit” ;).  


Here are 4 reasons to embrace your inner rebel:


1:  Being a rebel is NOT a bad thing!

The first thing you need to do before even beginning to embrace your inner rebel is to acknowledge that the word rebel is not a bad thing.  

There's this perception that if you're a rebel you must be someone who causes chaos and disruption wherever you go – someone who disobeys all laws simply for the hell of it. Not true.  

Being a rebel is a great thing.  It means you strongly believe in what you stand for and value.  

It means that you're not easily persuaded to do anything that feels wrong to you.  How can that possibly be a bad thing?


2:  How will people know if you never speak up?  

One of the things I love most about embracing my inner rebel is that I have no issue expressing how I feel about something – no matter how much opposition I may get. I simply don't care.  

If something feels off to you, speak up. Don't go along with what seems popular just to fit in.  

Stand your ground.  Woman up.  If you never speak up, no one will ever know how you truly feel about any given situation – avoid the unnecessary!


3.  Respect yourself

Self–respect isn't just about putting someone in their place when they've done something you didn't approve of. Respecting yourself also means being true to yourself.  

When you go against what your intuition tells you, you're taking a step in the wrong direction.  

Embracing your inner rebel means being in touch with what feels right for you and not compromising your soul.


4.  It'll help you reveal your mission!

This is perhaps my favorite reason to embrace your inner rebel.  If you decide to keep working at a job you hate, if you stay in a relationship which drains you, if you continue a friendship that feels like a dead end, you'll never be on your destined path.  

Embracing your inner rebel means acknowledging something isn't for you and proudly walking away from it.   


What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!