I care about inspiring you.

It’s the foundation of what I and FA stand for!

Either something works, or it doesn't. Either something is worth the time and energy, or it simply isn’t.

During the last few weeks, I’ve been away from IG (account deactivated). Being frank with you, I’ve never been a social media type of girl. I didn't grow up with social media. I come from the natural way of meeting people: in–person. But, having the opportunity to e–meet some awesome women is what kept me on the platform for the time it did.

Unfortunately, FB succeeded at making the platform one driven by pure greed. The sense of enjoyment of seeing what people you’ve chosen to engage with and learn more of was taken away. With more ads popping up in the home feed and less and less of the people I wanted to actually see drifting away, it became too much of an ad site than a social one.

I actually care about having the opportunity to inspire women like you. It’s the foundation of what I and FA stand for. And, after seeing so much dissatisfaction brought on by IG –and actually having women share their feelings of how IG made them feel – I just wanted nothing to have to do with the platform.

Am I quitting social media? Nah. While I will continue to be part of social media platforms that actually allow me and FA to inspire, I will only be part of the platforms that I feel actually care to give me a chance to do so.

Yup, that means I’m done with IG (account permanently deleted). Seeing so many of your posts and knowing that they bring value and realness but them not being acknowledged because IG has purposefully hidden them to encourage you to drain yourself to share more to the point of exhaustion is just nonsense.

And, for that reason, I’m out.

FA will remain on Pinterest. Youtube. Perhaps. Don’t know yet.

And, of course, I will continue to write my weekly articles for you here.

If something doesn’t work for you, don’t be afraid to walk away from it. If somethings serves you no purpose, move on from it.

Stay true to you, no matter how many think different from you. And, thank you for letting me be part of your journey.