Clothing wasn’t just fabric on my back!

It was my mission.

In high–school, I would spend hours preparing my entire look – from my matching outfit to my nicely–blended makeup to my half–up and half–down hairstyle.  

I lived just a few blocks from school, and still I made it a habit to get up at the crack of dawn to get ready – all the beauty sleep I skipped on makes me shake my head now. 


Getting ready for school was like getting ready for battle, dramatic, but true.


It was my mission.


I needed a suit of armor.  Everything I needed to conquer.  The clothing I wore would either make or break my day.  It was as simple as that.


Crazy?  Perhaps.  But, I knew back then how much clothing impacted my mood and the outcome of my day.  So, I was careful of what I’d wear.


I knew back then how much clothing meant to me.  


As I've mentioned before, my mother made a lot of my clothing as a kid.  We both loved it.  She'd make them with love, I'd wear them with admiration.


Clothing wasn't just fabric on my back.  It was a costume – bringing out a different part of my personality. 


I'd spend hours styling outfits, and altering my clothes.


Trimming something or adding a little detail to an article was exciting.  I loved making my clothing more me.


This is what I felt I was meant to do.  Costume myself, and if lucky enough, one day have the opportunity to costume other women, as well.


My mission.


Inspiring you by helping you bring out your best side is what drives me.  It makes me happy.


You have a mission.

A purpose.  A talent that is meant to inspire and help others in some way.  Something that makes you super happy.


Whatever it is, I hope you bring it to life.


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