Second chances?

I suck at giving those!


I like being so. I’m nowhere near perfect, but that’s what makes me real.

I have flaws, imperfections, things I absolutely suck at – tech stuff drives me crazy. I also have bad habits – I’m quick to cut someone off if they seem in-genuine. Second chances? I suck at giving those.

There’s this idea out there – thanks to society and social media - hey there, IG!, that one must be perfect. No flaws, no imperfections, and great at everything – much like a heroine.

Being a heroine is completely unrealistic.

And, not to mention unfair to yourself – trying to measure up with a fairy tale takes away from your own greatness.

The particular set of flaws and imperfections you have are what make you YOU! What you suck at, what you’re great at – it all serves you and your calling in life.

Perfectionism doesn’t exist. It destroys.

Before you’ve even had a chance to put yourself out there, you’ve let the fear of “not good enough” cripple you.

Don’t buy into the illusion of perfection.

Be you. Realistically imperfect…in your own perfect way.

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