Don’t try to be perfect!

That’s freaking boring.

I was 7 years old when I had my first opportunity to channel my inner super–heroine.  


It was halloween, and my costume was THE female superhero of them all, WonderWoman (my fav, Elektra the anti-hero, wasn't available at the time).


I remember feeling invincible – like I could either fly, make fire, or fight anything. 

As a result, nothing – or anyone (move over, classroom bully), could stand in my way.  I was a 7-year-old with superpowers, and a colorful imagination.

It was around that young age that I knew my powers were helping other girls – who would grow up to be women – like me. I wanted to help them in a creative way – with clothing.


We all have powers.

Your powers are what you're passionate about – what you're meant to do in life.  Your talents – what you're great at.  


Don't be afraid, or shy – something I learned to get over as I got older – to show off your talents and specialty. There will always be someone who will be inspired by your talent, and most importantly, your courage to go after your dreams.

Rather than keep your powers to yourself, why not share them?


Focus on your powers, and what you do best. Don’t try to be perfect - because, honestly, that's freaking boring.  

Channel your inner superhero

None of us is perfect. We've all got flaws. Perfection doesn’t exist.

Every hero has her own power – along with a set of flaws – she possesses. So do you! Accept your flaws, but focus on your powers.