Is the mess around you becoming you?

Get clear on what matters most to you!

I hate clutter. It drives me insane. Something comes over me when I’m in a messy environment. It’s as if my mind becomes just as scattered as my physical surrounding.

Ever feel that way? Like the mess around you…becomes you?

Don’t worry – it makes total sense that you feel that way. No, you’re not being sensitive or behaving like a princess if you’re bothered by a less–than–pleasant setting.

A chaotic surrounding is a distraction, and not a good one. It’s tough, if not impossible, to fully focus on a task while your desk is a scary mess, isn't it? What about trying to find the right outfit in a closet jammed with useless items? Forget about it.

Clear canvas, clear mind.

It’s as simple (or as complicated) as that. The more organized your environment – your home, closet, car, etc, the more clear (and happy) your mind.

The solution? Get clear on what matters.

When you have a clear understanding of what matters most to you, you’re more clear on what you should and shouldn’t own or be surrounded by. Just as you outgrow ideas and relationships, you also outgrow things. These things take up your time and physical space – all at the cost of your peace of mind.

Is the stuff around you – the stuff cluttering your mind worth keeping?

No. It’s not. If the physical chaos around you is made up of stuff which no longer serves you purpose, let them go. (Here’s a love note I wrote on keeping only what you love in your wardrobe).

Keep only what you love.

An organized environment is an organized mind.

Clear your canvas and see how clear your mind becomes.