Being brave always gets rewarded.

You are good enough!

Your dreams are only as real as the actions you take to bring them to life.

It’s nice to get taken away by your thoughts here and there. But, those thoughts will never be part of your reality if you keep them boxed up in that beautiful mind of yours.

Make it real.

Take a little leap of faith. Get that damn domain name you’ve been thinking about. Sign up for that class you’ve been considering, put yourself out there.

Is it terrifying at first? Hell yes, it is!

For the longest time, I couldn’t get myself to be involved with social media. I would always find a reason as to why I couldn’t or shouldn’t.

Just putting myself and photos of myself out there for the entire world to see – because everyone AND their mama seems to be on social media nowadays – seemed dreadful, especially being the private person that I am.

But, if I wanted to make progress, and make FA more real, I needed to toughen up and let go of the fear holding me back.

I faced the fear and pushed forward.

And, as I did so, the universe not only showed me signs of approval, it opened doors for me I never thought were even there to begin with.

Being brave always gets rewarded.

Dare to let go of your fear, your self–judgement, and the awful thoughts of “I’m not good enough.”

You are good enough.

You always have been. It’s time to allow yourself to see what you’re capable of.

Make it real. It’s time you do!

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