Can’t bake to save your life?

Don’t sweat it…place that damn order!

I've always known what I like, and what I don't like.  

The same with knowing what I'm great at and what I purely suck at.  I love creating, and I'm great at it; I'm a right–brained person.  And, I’m more intuitive than rational.  

Creating is my art.  

And, if you're anything like me, you're a right–brained, as well.  Embrace that!  When you know what you're talented at, why would you want to be a Jill of all trades?  Why not master your own art? 


Job ads which describe their ideal candidate as a "Jill of all trades" suck.

While I can see the value in a person being experienced in a variety of tasks, I find it much more meaningful, useful, and beneficial to be highly skilled in one area.    


While you may feel you're great at numerous things (multi–passionate), you'll always be more exceptional in one area.  

That thing which shines more.  That's your art.  That's your talent.  The rest simply complements it.


Why be mediocre in a lot of things when you can be amazing in your own art?  

Why not focus more on your talent?  Why try to be good at everything?  That's tiring, and not to mention, pointless.  Everyone has a talent, a gift.  And, the talents others have benefit us all.


Take baking a cake, for example.  While you may already know how to, or learn to bake a cake, there are professionals who do that for a living – an art mastered by bakers.  Why stress yourself out over baking the perfect cake?  Unless baking is your art, don't feel bad placing that cake order!  


Society places so much pressure on people, specially women, to "have it all", and to "do it all", and that includes knowing it all.


I say that's just plain stupid.  Why waste energy on trying to get great at something you know you have no interest in?  All that does is take time away from you mastering your own art.  

How beneficial is it for you to get skilled at something which plays no importance in your life?  

Not very.


You’re born with that thing which makes you uniquely different from others.  Not all of us were meant to do the same thing, much less be great at everything.  Can you imagine if we all were great painters?  Great writers?  Great stylists?  How boring and robotic that would be!  


The moment you acknowledge what you're absolutely amazing at, keep at it.

Don't waste your energy trying to master something that isn’t your calling in life.  

It's robbing you of your time, and taking away from your art!


There will always be someone else who's better at doing something than you are.  That's they way it should be!  

Everyone has their own talent, their own magic.  You're not meant to be great at everything.  

Embrace that fact.  You're absolutely amazing at your art, the thing you're meant to keep doing.


Master your own art...not all trades were meant for you! 


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