I was a mess.

praying for the things I didn’t want!

I don’t get sick of saying it.

Everything happens for a reason.

Besides losing a loved one, I can pretty much say that this has always been true in my case.

The jobs not working out. The relationships ending. The friendships taking different paths.

They’ve all happened for a greater purpose than what made sense at the time.

Yes. They’ve sucked badly at the moment of them taking place. To say that coming back from a vacation in Vegas to find out my “services are no longer needed” only a month after moving into a new place was nerve–wrecking is a total understatement.

I was a MESS!

I felt the universe was seriously out to get me. To punish me for something I had done in my previous life – well, because in this life I’ve been quite the angel ;) But, seriously – every sticky situation has been tough to deal with.

It only made sense that I let my emotions get the best of me. That I dive deep into my feelings and let them take charge. That I consume myself with non–stop worry.

Learning to take a deep breath.

I had to re–teach myself to literally do just that. To take a step back, take a long, deep breath, and release the overwhelming emotions that were drowning me.

Everything will be ok.

While things may suck at the moment of them happening, you’ve got to believe that it’ll all be ok. And, in some cases – things will be better than ok…they’'ll be great!

Worrying is like praying for the things you don’t want.

I read that somewhere and it stuck with me. It makes so much sense. Where our thoughts go, our energy will follow.

Everything will be ok.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.

Take care of you!