I don't always love every minute of it!

I keep making mistakes.

I'm a creative by nature.  

I love expressing myself through design and my personal, minimalist style.  Clothing has always played a huge role in my life – my mother made a lot of cute outfits for me when I was a kid.  And so, I grew up with the need and desire to create.  With this, however, comes a lot of creative frustration. 


Being a designer is super tough.  

As much as I live for FA, I at times feel annoyed by it all.  Trying to sketch the right item, educate myself on the most suitable materials, communicate the proper idea, and manage every back–end task that comes with it all feels like a huge weight on my shoulders at times.  

I don't always love every minute of it.  It can all be extremely mentally–draining.  


Sound familiar?  If you're also a creative, I'm sure you've experienced your own set of frustrations – things that annoy you, and even make you want to quit.  Don't.  


As frustrating as the process is of designing your own life and dreams, the moments of frustration pass, and you keep moving forward. 


I keep making mistakes.  But, I keep learning as I go.  You should, too.  


As time goes on, I learn more and more that my creative frustrations are simply lessons in my journey.  

None of it is world–shattering, so relax!

I learn something new from every frustration that comes my way.  I’ve learned my fare share of html and coding from managing the back–end design of my site (not always fun, but so helpful!).


Creative frustration will always come your way, sometimes it'll creep up on you.  

Don't let it beat you up.  Every creative goes through it.  

And, those who say they don't, simply aren't learning to better their art along the way.  


Being a creative is a blessing.  Not everyone was born one.  

Not everyone was born to create.  With creation comes frustration.  The sooner you acknowledge it, the sooner you'll bring your creation to life.