Money isn’t all it’s hyped up to be!

Chasing someone else’s dream?

Society has done a hell of a job placing value on bigger and better.

You feel pressure to chase more money – only to neglect what really matters to you. 

So there you are, taking on a more demanding job, a bigger paycheck.

There you are – exchanging more of your time, more you – which you never really wanted to give away to begin with.


You feel stuck.  You feel down.  You feel unfulfilled.  You start resenting.


You question yourself and your purpose.  You get back to reconnecting with yourself.  You re–learn what matters most to you.  All those things that make you feel most alive, most yourself, most free.  You embrace them again.


You withdraw from the money–chasing and begin to reveal your mission.


Money never gave you this type of feeling, this type of satisfaction.  You realize money isn't what it's all hyped up to be.  Chasing someone else's dream, someone else's purpose.  Money blinded you from your purpose and kept you in shackles.  


You're now free.  Free to live.  Free to be you.  The real you.


Isn't this what life is about?  To allow yourself to live as YOU wish?  To give your all to your own calling?  Isn't that freedom?  If so, are you living freely?


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