I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

I realized how wrong I had been!

It was embarrassing to admit, but I was attached to it.

My all–black 3–piece leather sofa set. And, it was just what I wanted at the time I purchased it. It took me weeks to find the right sofa set for me.

So, there I was – showing the set to a couple who had responded to my craigslist ad. I felt a little sad, but also relieved when they cheerfully said, “we’ll take it”. Memories of spending weeks trying to find this set flashed through my mind as I counted through the hundred dollar bills that had just been handed to me.

Strangely enough, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders as I saw the set carried into the small moving truck.

I hadn’t quite realized how physically and mentally consuming the sofa set had been.

I no longer had a need for it, but yet I had kept it because it symbolized who I was when I bought it. It had a hold of me, and for that reason I had been reluctant to let it go.

The moment I parted with it was the moment I realized just how wrong I had been for holding on to something which no longer served me any purpose at all.

What you own does not define who you are, or will be. Perhaps what you hold on to actually keeps you from becoming who you’re meant to be?

If it serves you no purpose, let it go.

You’ll be ok. I promise.

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