Simple works best!

If it doesn’t serve you a purpose, eliminate it.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo da Vinci said it best. Clutter, in any shape, overwhelms me.

Clothing. Lifestyle. Mission.

I like my clothing as I do my lifestyle: simple. No, that doesn’t mean boring - it just means free from anything I don’t love.

I repeat my outfits and looks regularly.

I stick to my colors (black, white, and of course, red). I rarely shop, but when I do, I invest. And, I have also have a small wardrobe.

Simple works best.

Having a small wardrobe makes it so that my clothing actually gets worn – and loved equally. Every item in my wardrobe is my favorite.

Having a small amount of garments also helps my lifestyle.

More time for what you love doing!

If you’re connected with me on Instagram , you know by now that I LOVE my assassin movies.

I associate a lot of my free time with having a fairly simple life and style. Less time worrying about what I’ll wear, and more time doing what I love. It’s a win–win situation.

If it doesn’t serve you a purpose, eliminate it.

I’ve said it repeatedly, if it takes away from you, then move on from it. I, personally, would rather have a small circle of real friends, than a large group of mediocre ones. Quality over quantity.

Simply living your mission.

My mission is simple. It’s FA. It’s what I dedicate most of my time to. It’s what makes me happy. Creating to share – and inspire you – is very fulfilling for me.

I don’t involve myself with anything that takes time away from it. Nor, should you.

The simpler your life, your style, the more you’ll simply get to live your mission.

Keep it simple…you’ll live and love more!

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