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My definition of perfection?

The hell if I knew.

For the longest time, I considered myself a "perfectionist" – something I took pride in.  

I felt being a perfectionist would somehow help me succeed more in life.  Boy, was I wrong.  Letting go of perfection is what set me free, and what helped me move forward.  

Consider yourself a perfectionist?  Then this blog post is just for you!


Being a visual person is what always made me want to make things look perfect.  

The perfect amount of this, the perfect amount of that.  Whether I was working on a sketch, a piece of writing, or simply editing digital graphics – I needed that sense of perfection.  I always felt things needed to look perfect or else it meant I failed…so crazy!


What was my definition of perfect?  The hell if I myself knew!  


Crazy, right?  Not even I knew what my own definition of perfect was.  This not only made things tiring, but impossible to accomplish!  I didn't dare put out anything that wasn't perfect.  

And, not knowing what perfect was meant I never put out anything.  I never shared anything.  Translation: I never made any progress!


It was when I realized that I was making absolutely no progress (tough pill to swallow), that I decided I needed to make a change (thank god!).


First thing I had to acknowledge was that there is absolutely no such thing as perfection.  NOTHING.  Perfection is a perception.  It was all in my head.  My idea of perfect was nothing but an illusion.  


The moment I came to peace with the idea of nothing being perfect, I opened up to the idea that everything was imperfect – in its own beautiful way.  

Everything soon became imperfectly perfect.   


What a freaking relief! 


No joke, I felt a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders the moment I let go of the need of anything needing to be perfect.  


Did this mean that I would no longer put my all into everything I did?  Hell no!  Did this mean that I would now put out mediocre work?  Absolutely not!  

What this all meant was that I now embraced things being great as they were, and that perfect would always mean one thing to one person and something else to the next .  

What this all meant was that I accepted that perfection was keeping me from moving forward and making progress – in every area of my life, especially business.


Letting go of perfection has been extremely liberating.  

Knowing that nothing in life is (or is meant to be) perfect, has in so many ways opened up doors which once felt closed.  

As tough as it is to accept, a lot of this perfection was all in my head.  

My own set of standards.  Unrealistic standards.  Standards that held me captive for years.


Letting go of perfection not only helps you with business or work–related matters, but also with personal life.  Life isn't perfect.  No one's life is.  It never will be.  The sooner you can accept this, the sooner you can best play with the cards you've been dealt with.


Let go of perfection...progress awaits!  


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