Fear of judgment. Fear of being misunderstood.

It all gets in the way.

My dark side is my best side. No shame in my game. 

The side of me, which for many years, didn't get much exposure – no pun intended ;).  The side to me which has helped me become a better version of myself.


From an early age, we learn to associate darkness with scary, and so we avoid it.


As we grow up, we avoid our "dark side", but what we're really doing is rejecting part of ourselves.


The sad thing about that?  Your dark side may be your best side, or it may very well help you become the best version of you.


But, more than often, not many (if any at all), get to see that side of you.  

Fear of judgement.  Fear of being misunderstood.  It all gets in the way.  

After all, we all want to be accepted as we are.  But, how can we – if WE aren't fully accepting ourselves?


My dark side (one tiny part) is my fast–switch temper.  

Something I've learned to manage over the years – learning to turn it into passion and purpose.


Knowing and accepting yourself isn't just about acknowledging your "flaws".  


To come to terms with who you truly are – you must accept AND utilize all the flaws and darkness within you to help bring out the best in you.


It's only then – when you're aware of who you are and aren’t, that you can really pursue your mission.


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