People will always have an opinion.

Based on their own happiness!

Every time I tell people I don't want kids I prepare myself for the, “that’s selfish”, “that’s sad” expressions and comments.

Kids are adorable – most of them, at least.

Little miniature people with tiny outfits out and about discovering the world is for the most part, always a cute sight.

But, what about if you don’t want that for yourself?

Does that make you selfish or a failure? No. It doesn’t.

Motherhood is the toughest job on the planet. And, it’s admirable that so many women take this path. But, that doesn’t mean it’s the path for you.

No kids? Your right.

There will always be a negative Nancy trying to make you feel like you’re an immediate failure by not wanting to have children. But, guess what? Nancy doesn’t have the final say. You do.

People are always going to have an opinion…based on their own happiness.

People, more women than men, will always secretly resent you for your choice. Sad, but true! While women don’t typically regret having their kids, they do have their moments when they miss what their life used to be like before they became mothers. I’ve had so many women tell me about how they wish they could just disappear from their current life to their previous one. Yikes.

You define success.

You define what success means to you. And, if that means having your own business, traveling the world, and treating yourself to luxurious things – without any kids, then by all means, that’s your choice and right. You deserve to live the life you want.

Don’t let the opinions of those who don’t share your vision, cloud it.

I’ve gotten so used to the expressions, comments, accusations, and judgements from people who don’t know me, but feel the need to have their say in my child–free life.

I’ve learned to not let them get under my skin anymore. Why let someone who freely chose their own path affect how you go about choosing yours?

To each their own.

No kids? Your life. Your choice. Your right.

Only you get to decide. Those who matter will understand and respect it. Those who don’t, don’t belong in your life…

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