I knew my mission.

And, in doing so, I always aimed to inspire you to reveal your own!

I was in high school when I started designing.  I'd regularly spend what seemed like hours glued to my sketch book drawing outfits I envisioned bringing to life.  

Since a young age, I knew that designing clothing would play an important role in my life.  I knew that having my own clothing business one day was my mission.  I've always known it.  And, in doing so, I always aimed to inspire you to reveal your own mission. 

Here are 4 reasons why you should reveal your mission:


Holding back from doing something you absolutely can't stop thinking about simply sucks.  The feeling that you're missing out on your purpose in life is dreadful.  I know it because I've been there.  Feeling a void is almost depressing.  



Do you want to simply exist or do you want to feel alive?  I've found that it's always the moments when I'm most true to myself and my mission, that my inner being is most alive and happiest.  

There's a sense of soul–awakening that comes with following your mission.  And, it all has to do with being honest - true to yourself.  You're meant to be one particular thing in life...reveal it!



Before I started FA, I felt restless.  Besides feeling frustrated by not being able to do what I loved (the "not being able to do" was all in my head, by the way), I often had this troubled and uneasy feeling shadowing over me. I also had lots of insomnia.

I can say that as soon as I began not only working on FA, but truly investing my everything into it – that restless feeling slowly started to fade.  

Revealing your mission brings a sense of inner peace with it – you feel complete!



If you ever questioned why you should pursue what you love doing, think of this: what if life's greatest had never followed their mission in life?  What if the people or businesses who you feel inspired by had never revealed their mission to the world?  

Don't underestimate what you have to offer, and the unique way you offer it – there will always be someone out there who appreciates and loves what you do!


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