I did it to myself.

It was easily avoidable!

“You’re being fucking lazy. You’re gonna fall behind if you take a break!”

Ever have that little pushy voice in your head say that to you?

That’s one of the problems with being a creative A–type personality.

Can you relate?

Ever have a crap load of stuff to do and you want to get it all done… today?! Like, if you leave it for tomorrow or the next day you feel guilty?

Yup. Guilty as charged. I grew up with my dad constantly telling me, “don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today.” While that reminder has helped me stay in line, I have to admit that it’s also hurt me quite a bit.

In today’s society, especially with social media, it’s tough not to want to compare your progress and hustle level to someone else’s. It’s tough not to want to make huge progress – as early as possible.

But, everyone is different!

Plus, you never know what someone else’s journey is truly like. You never know how much (or how little) time someone is putting into their ambitions. Hell, some are simply faking it til they make it, I’m sure.

It wasn’t until a couple of years back that I, for the first time, found it ok for me to slow down. I always associated slowing down with being lazy or flat out, a loser. To say I was harsh on myself was an understatement. I was brutal.

Slowing down is gonna hurt my progress.

I had a ton of stuff to do. And, while the excitement of getting it all done kept me going, I’d eventually burn myself off soon enough.

Now I’m sick. What a dumbass. I did it to myself.

I’d be forced to slow down – by either getting sick or becoming mentally drained to the point where my head was foggy and my eyeballs felt like they were gonna pop out. I had no one to blame but myself.

It was all easy avoidable.

Just as you evolve in every area of life, so should your self–care techniques. Your body and mind will always let you know when it’s time to step aside. Whether it’s for a few minutes or a few days, make your well–being a priority.

Slow the heck down! It’ll pay off.

With time, I’ve allowed myself to take time away when I feel my batteries running low.

I freaking LOVE watching movies – assassin ones, to be exact. They recharge me and remind me of how much I love what I’m doing with FA. I also have a thing for red roses. I try to keep a few fresh ones at home. Just seeing them reminds me to slow down.

Find your battery–charger and use it often!

Whatever your thing is. Music? Shopping? (just don’t let yourself buy stuff you don’t need, though), spending time with your fur babies, a run to Taco Bell? By all means, live mas! ;)

Slowing down does not make you lazy. Slowing down doesn’t make you a loser. Slowing down keeps you on target with your mission. Give yourself permission here and there, I promise it won’t push you back.

Do you slow down? If so, what’s your favorite way to do so? Leave me a comment and let me know!