I have to cancel.

Just need to get the hell away from it all!

“I have to cancel.” Have you ever had to cancel a meeting, appointment, or anything that required your attendance? If you’re human, I’m sure you have!

It seems that nowadays – with entrepreneurship being the thing – there’s this big pressure on people having to be on hustle mode 24/7.

But, seriously? How realistic is that? And, how productive can that possibly be?

You need time to yourself. Time to recharge your batteries.

Sometimes you just need time to get the hell away from it all! I know I do.

This is why cancelling is a good thing.

I’ve cancelled. And, done so numerous times. Just a few days ago, I decided to cancel my attendance to Instagram.

Yup, I temporarily deactivated my account. No need to panic, though – I’ll be back in a few more days. I just needed some time away from the unnecessary noise that social media can create.

How does this help, you ask?

Taking time to step away from something – whatever it may be – helps you reconnect with yourself. And, as corny as that sounds, it’s much–needed self-care.

Allowing yourself to slow down, even if just for a day is so freaking beneficial. I think it should be mandatory for everyone! If more people took more time to themselves, more people would be happier.

I’m not saying you should cancel something that could be a once–in–a–lifetime opportunity. Backstage passes to meet your favorite band? Hell no! Don’t cancel that, silly! Free tickets to your favorite destination? Umm, don’t even think about it.

You get what I mean. If something is causing you unnecessary stress or overwhelm and it’s something that won’t hurt you to reschedule or all–together cancel, don’t be afraid to opt out!

Cancelling DOES not mean you’ll fail. At anything.

It’s not a reflection of how capable, smart, or go–getting you are.

Cancelling simply means you’re aware of your feelings, time, and mental state.

Don’t ever apologize for doing what your mind or body tell you is necessary. The more you practice self–awareness, the more you’ll succeed…at anything in life.

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