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I felt like giving up.

Before I had even begun.

If only I had the money for it.  

If only I had the right connections.  If only I had the skills.  There was always an "if only" playing over and over in my head before I took the leap of faith and began working on FASHION ASSASSIN.  


It wasn't until I did so that I realized, "you've got all you need to get what you want."


While money makes life easier – especially when you're working on mission, it's not necessary to have large savings, or any savings, to begin.  


I didn't have much money.  


I had a dream and a vision I had been carrying with me for decades – very helpful with insomnia -and I had the will–power.  I learned to cut back on unnecessary stuff (goodbye lemon cakes) – which being a minimalist was super easy to do – and put any extra money I had towards something that would benefit FA.  


My web hosting, my business paperwork filings, my financial accounts.  It was all done without me having much.  I had the drive, and that accounted for more.


I knew absolutely no one in the business.

But, I didn't let what or who I didn't know stop me from creating FA.  The universe works in funny ways.  When you chase something with so much love and dedication, it's as if the right people and events pop up to guide you in the right direction.


That's exactly how it happened for me.  When I started giving FA my all – running endless errands around town, attending workshops, and social events, I came across people which were heaven–sent.  

I started off knowing no one, but in the process, I've been blessed with meaningful souls.


I had no idea how to build a site or how to code.


While I'm a creative by nature, putting together a site seemed like such a nightmare to me – I suck at tech stuff.  

From choosing the right platform, to selecting the proper font style, to adding the correct html, I felt like giving up before I had even begun.  It all felt like too much to handle!


Thank god for youtube videos, online articles, and my persistence!  I've scanned endless articles and forums.  I've watched endless videos and tutorials.  

In the process, not only did I learn to create a website from scratch, I learned that damn, I had it all in me to create it!


You've got all you need to get what you want.


I always doubted I did.  I doubted I had it in me to bring my mission to realization.  But, I've proven it to myself over and over that I do have it in me.  And, so do YOU!  

If I can do it, anyone can.


Allow yourself to go after what your heart wants.  No matter what it is. No matter how big or small your dream may seem, go after it.  

Your spirit won't ever feel satisfied until you've tried.  

And by try, I mean given it your all – no half–assing anything.


The money, the connections, the skills will come.  You've got all you need to get what you want.


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