Who am I?

I love to keep it simple, so here are 10 facts:

1. I’m a minimalist. I don’t own much, but what I do own, I adore. I'd rather have a small wardrobe with well–made versatile pieces, than a huge wardrobe with hardly–used and unnecessary items. This is why I only make mini–collections. I like wearing everything I own. Every item is my favorite.

2. I got a UC Berkeley summer scholarship while in grade school. It was there where I discovered my love for words and writing. Using writing to inspire others is something I adore doing.

3. I have been soda–free for 10+ years. Woohoo! Once upon a time, I was addicted to drinking soda – I’d drink a can or two of coca cola a day. On new year’s eve, I decided to give it up – cold turkey. It was tough at first, but within time, it got easier. Weeks turned into months and months into years. Water became my favorite drink. Have an unhealthy habit you want to give up? With some will–power and a positive mind, you can do it!

4. I wear black everyday. Although red is my favorite, I only wear it as my pop of color. Black is just so effortless and classic. It goes with everything and works for any occasion. All my wardrobe staples are black. I just can’t resist.

5. My favorite, lucky number is 4. I was born on the 4th of the month. I feel a special connection to it. It’s so special to me that my mini–collections will primarily be made up of 4 items per collection.

6. I adore female assassin movies and characters. Badass women who unapologetically go after what they want?! Hell yes! Every woman should. They’re like Disney characters to me. Now you know why the name ;)

7. I hate fast fashion, I’m a fashion assassin – pun totally intended! I love clothing and design, but despise the fast fashion industry. The mass production of cheap and crappy clothing meant to only last a few wears is a joke. Women deserve beautiful and well–made items that are worthy of being wardrobe staples. They shouldn’t have to try to keep up with trends.

8. My mother made a lot of my clothing as a child. She’d sew together cute little matching tops and bottoms that I adored wearing. It’s because of her that I learned to value well–made clothing and classic style. Thanks, Mom!

9. I studied both fashion and business in college. Fashion was always my first love, and business was something I had a natural fascination for. Being able to bring both worlds together has been a true blessing for me.

10. I’m a sarcastic, smartass, wise gal. I believe life doesn't have to be all seriousness. Laughter is the best damn medicine. I don’t mind making fun of and laughing at myself…every single day.