FASHION ASSASSIN happily focuses on small–batch mini collections. We believe in quality, not quantity. And the person behind FASHION ASSASSIN? Meet Karla Vanessa, a fashion creative from San Francisco, CA.

As a child, Vanessa wore outfits her mother had sewn from scratch – clothing made with love and intention. Vanessa learned to appreciate thoughtfully–made clothing. She grew up wanting other women to feel how special clothing could be, so she went on to study fashion in college. Years later FASHION ASSASSIN was born!

And the name FASHION ASSASSIN? It’s a combination of Vanessa’s love of assassin movie characters and their simple badassery, along with her annoyance of fast fashion. Vanessa believes women should fiercely pursue their dreams AND feel their prettiest while doing so – wearing only thoughtfully and lovingly–made clothing.

FASHION ASSASSIN’s aesthetic blends simplicity with a touch of bold. It’s clothing created with practicality and sprinkled with doses of playfulness. We keep it simple. Pretty badass.